Tuesday, 22 May 2012

DIY Sideways Cross Bracelet

I've got a small lot of some cool sideways cross beads just in! I thought instead of making 'em, I could sell the beads and cord together like a kit :)

Each lot will consist of 22 beads and 30cm of clear stretchy cord which is more than enough for a bracelet. And would cost £1.20 (per kit).

Here's the finished bracelet using 20 beads :)

Good idea, yay, ney? :) xxxxxx


Anonymous said...

love it!!!
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Sil :) said...

Thanks lovely :) xxxxxx

UnicornBlog said...

So cute :)

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Sil :) said...

Thanks lovely :) xxxxxx

nat said...

love this!
is it still available?
i ordered a ring and personalised bracelet from you two days ago, SO exicted to recieve them.