Sunday, 6 May 2012

We love cute rings & candy too!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful bank holiday (i.e no work tomorrow) Sunday! Here's some of the wearable cuties I'm currently loving, that are perfect for summer :)

The new banner on the website featuring the most adorable/cute/must have rings, all from £1.50.

And the candy lovers dream, so many pretty kitschy colours and shapes! None of them edible tho ;)

1. Ribbon bow earrings £1.50 2. Candy gumball studs £1.00 (not in shop yet) 3. Kissable lips ring, special offer £1.00 4. Bow earrings, on sale £1.00

Hope you love 'em! :) xxxxxx


zarzz said...

I love the moustache ring!

DEMI said...

likeeee your blog dear,
keep posting and go for it!!!


About me said...

Your jewellery is really cute!

Sil :) said...

Thanks sweetie! :) xxxxxx

Sil :) said...

Ahh thanks a lot, I will :) xxxxxx

Sil :) said...

Thanks a lot lovely :) xxxxxx