Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Below is what I made today :) I hope you like 'em!

Two tone multi stars necklace which took ageees to make but are so awesome and £3.50 each :)

Gorgeously colourful exotic love birds necklaces, available in the wonderful colours below only £2.50 each :)

Lastly a simple but lovely detailed tusk pendant necklace just £2.00 :)

Most of them are already on the website kukee.co.uk :) xxxxxx


theheadlessstylist said...

Hey, great blog you have some really interesting pieces in here and it the first jewellery only blog ive found, so exciting x).

Going to check out the shop

peek at me theheadlessstylist.blogspot.co.uk

Sil :) said...

Awwr thanks a lot sweetie :) xxxxx