Monday, 21 May 2012


Here are some festival themed lovelies I've made today :)

Floral peace out, love beyond the moon + stars, 3d octopus's garden, shine on you crazy diamond necklaces all £3 each and on a thick 20" chain :)

How cute are these 'I love you' postcard necklaces just £2.50 each :)
And lastly some super cute earrings that will be up on the site shortly, there is limited stock on some of these lovelies, so don't lose out on 'em :) 
Hope y'all like 'em :) xxxxxx


Lipgloss Lily said...

I LOVE the "Love beyond the moon and stars" chain and the skulls and bicycle earring especially!! So gorgeous!

Sil :) said...

Thanks lovely :) They are super cute, I'll put 'em on real soon! xxxxxx