Monday, 4 June 2012

Finger Party #4

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Jubilee weekend :) This is just a quick post about what I wore on my fingeeers these past couple of days (mainly the awesome above knuckle rings) from the new collection :)

Cross charm ring £2.00 | Above knuckle ring £1.50 | Geometric ring £2.50

Above knuckle ring £1.50 | Bat ring £2.00

Above knuckle ring obsession! Scuze the messy nails eeep, am wearing the gorgeous 'Beths Blue' from Models Own!

Triangle ring £2.00 | Dinosaur charm ring £2.00 | Arrow ring £3.00

What do you think of them, do you like the new collection? :) xxxx


alter idem ls said...

I ordered my jewellery and after this I'm even more excited to get it! All really lovely stuff! xx

Sil :) said...

Hehe, thanks a lot lovely :) xxxx

Identity Unknown said...

love the cross ring!!

follow meee


Blaming Beauty said...

I love every single ring! Checking out the store now xx


I want them all :( So jealous <3

Lauren said...

I actually love every piece! Trying to decide which ones I can afford before my holidays! If I didn't need new bikini's i'd buy them all!!!!

As A Blonde. said...

All your rings are gorgeous :) I wish I could buy them all!

Sophie x

keight said...

I have Fallen in love with all your stuff ... and the price, Perfect for a very poor student :)

Keight x