Saturday, 22 September 2012

Jewellery Swaps :)

Here's a post about four wonderful jewellery swaps I have participated in ageeees ago (I wrote up this post a while back but have completely forgot to post it).
My first swap was with the lovely Jaymie from she creates super cute themed illustrated jewellery. My current faves come from her collar pin collection... Here are the cuties I received;

I needed this gorgeous unicorn necklace in my life and I'm so happy she sent it along with a cute cross bracelet on pastel pink cord and an awesome evil eye triangle ring.

My second swap was with the awesome Anna from Annarack, she is an insanely talented illustrator who creates wearable art. Her current collection is a fusion of all the current trends and I want just it all! Anna was kind enough to surprise me with a piece from her new collection, you must check it out ;) Here's what I received;

The packaging is super cute! I've been wearing her pieces to death :) My current favorites are these mega awesome, seaside inspired earrings...

My third swap was with the lovely Antonia from Delilah Dust she sells the most beautiful handmade gemstone jewellery around and at very reasonably prices too. Check out her amazeballs shop at Here's what I received;

My final swap was with the lovely Jess from Raffles Bizzare a wonderful shop full of so many pretties, all handmade and awesome! Check out her huge range of must haves at 
Here are the pieces I chose, I love how all of them were individual wrapped with a matching sticker :)

Check 'em out ladies ;) xxxx


Raffles Bizarre said...

So glad you like them, I love my Kukee jewels!! <3

Sil :) said...

They are mega awesome, thank you so much again :) xxxx

Annarack said...

Such a wonderful write up of my jewellery, thank you so much for your kind and awesome words. It Really made my day and brought a big smile to my face :D I am so happy that you wear your items loads as I too wear my pieces all the time from you.

You received so many awesome goodies from all the other ladies. There is so much talent in this world.

Thank you again x