Saturday 31 December 2011

Sale Steals!

Everyone loves a bit of Topshop and a Topshop on sale is heavenly multiplied :) So when I went on their website the other day I was very happy to be greeted by some gorgeously cheap gems screaming BUY ME. I always seem to be drawn to their jewellery, its so statementy and me :)

1. £3.50 Ridge Stack Ring Set 2. £3.50 Mixed Section Stretch Bracelet 3. £3.50 Raised Block Ring 4. £3.50 Feather and Bead Hoops 5. £3.50 1950s Style Stud Earrings.

Asos has made their sale even better from upto 50% to 70% (they have the best sales!) I'm loving their metallic skinny belts which are just a few pounds, they can really change a plain outfit instantly! I've always had a soft spot for their over the knee socks too! You can never have too many, especially this time of year (although I seem to buy a pair every time I shop ;)

1. £2 Over the Knee Metallic Socks 2. £3.50 Glittery Skinny Belt 3. £2 Cut Out Stars Metallic Belt 4. £2 Blue Pom Pom Mittens 5. £4 Pieces Ibrock Colour Block Knee High Socks.

Got any great sale finds? Let me know :) xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Jewellery Making Session :)

Last week before the chaos of Christmas, me and my darling mum both created some cute (almost edible) jewellery pieces. The dining table was a complete bomb site as you can see! :)
It was a lot of fun creating the new range for and we managed to get a few Christmas pressies out of it too (which went down a treat :)

We were spoilt for choice with a huge mix of kitschy cute gumbal charms from the 80s to work with, so we've created some unique necklaces, earrings and rings...

...aren't they cute! My favourites are the toy car and the bold coloured peace necklaces <3

Tell me what you think of them girlies? Keep an eye out on the website for these goodies and many more :) xxxxxxxxxx

P.s Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! :)

Friday 23 December 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award :')

I have been nominated for my first blog award from the super lovely Gazzy I can't believe it, I only started blogging just a few days ago :') thanks so much!

There are 3 rules;
1. Thank the person that nominated you, and give them a shout out on your blog with a link to theirs.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Send on the award to 15 other boggers whose blog you love and appreciate and then let them know they won the award.

My random facts are;
1.  I was born in Romania and moved over here in the UK when I was just 9 :)
2.  I love drawing and painting.
3.  I love yellow so much, it always makes me smile :)
4.  I have a huge sunglasses collection of about 80 pairs!
5.  I watch a lot of horror films (nothing scares me)
6.  I have a serious obsession with egg and mayo sandwiches (one a day keeps the err...)
7.  The Kinks are my favourite band, I like the old school :)

Here are my 15 favourite lovely bloggers;
Chloe -
Becca -
Charlotte -
Holly -
Jess -
Sophie -
Stacie -
Beth -
Danielle -
Tash -
Georgie -
Rosie -
Lauren -
Kellie -
Lauren -

Thanks again, you've made me so happy! Wishing everyone a gorgeous day :) xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 22 December 2011

FB Giveaway!

Just a quick post about my latest facebook giveaway, for a change to win one of these cute tiny camera necklaces;

Good luck! :) xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Prickly Disposition...

Gisele rocking out the electric pop in Vogue.
A/W 2011 Spike Jewellery Trend.

Gorgeous three row studded bracelet similar to the Hermes one as seen on the lovely Gisele (above) on the cover of December Vogue. Available in gold, silver and gold & black stack 'em all to make a plain outfit stand out, only £3.50 each.

Must have double finger spike rings wear them both at once for maximum impact, only £3.00 each...

Or how about this multi spike cluster one, yes please. Team up with a distressed white tee, black skinnys and sideways double cross ring for instant acceptance to rock royalty :) only £3.00.

All from 

Hope you love 'em, let me know what you think? xxxxxxxxxx

Monday 19 December 2011

Ring, ring... hello!?

CHRISTMAS!!! I still can't believe its Christmas this week, its come so quick eeep! Shamefully I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping, so fighting the desperate last minute mob in town later is definitely on the books. 

Enough rambling, this is just a quick post of some of my rings, lovely aren't they? :)

<3 ahhhhh... the stuff dreams are made of... :)

Wearing them all at once inhibits the freedom of movement ever so slightly lol

What's on your wishlist? xxxxxxxxxx

Saturday 17 December 2011

Kukee Jewellery :)

I'm addicted to blogs but never started one as I wasn’t quite sure whether I would have anything more interesting to say, in the same way as the other fantastic bloggers out there, yet I am taking a deep breath and here I start, and I will try my best to entertain and update often :)

A little bit about me! My name is Silvana and I have a serious addiction to jewellery especially in yo face rings (since birth I think ;) and would spend every last penny on yet another addition to my jewellery box busting collection but in recent years (upgrading from plastic to fantastic) I've noticed the lack of affordable but quality items of jewellery thus decided I had to open!

Below are my current handpicked faves <3
Make a wish necklaces - £3.99

Grungy crow skull head ring - £4.99

Apple core necklace - £4.99

Black moustache necklace - £4.99

Set of 3 cute animal rings - ON SALE £4.19

Grungy knuckle spike double ring - £5.99

What's your fave from :) xxxxxxxxxx