Wednesday 25 January 2012

Miista Shoes :)

This post is a bit late in the making but I had to share it with you.
I purchased these gorgeous killer black Andees a couple of weeks ago and like a kid at Christmas I literally shrieked with excitement opening the parcel :) They can easily fierce up so many outfits and I love 'em dearly!

I would have easily killed for them, but thanks to Miistas amazing make it cheaper by tweeting campaign, I only parted with £1 delivered (rrp £175). Sadly the campaign ended on the 13th of January but I hope they have another one in the future!

What's your favourite pair? :) xxxxxxxxxx


Leanne Cornelius said...

£1!!?!?! How?? That is amazing! x
They are gorgeous btw x

Sil :) said...

It was an awesome twitter campaign from Missta, check out for the details! :) xxxxxxxxxx