Monday 9 April 2012

Nautical Jewellery Trend


I worked in a marina back in the school years for a long while as a harbour master assistant. Telling yacht folk where to berth their boats over the radio and failing at tying them up ;) it was a lot of fun! Crisp fresh air, dancing waves, freedom and adventure encapsulates this theme for me and I love it!

I was all over this trend when it was big a few years ago and I'm so glad its come back in jewellery form.

The cute themed dainty pieces below are handmade by myself :)

My top picks featuring this theme are these gorgeous knot earrings and the very pretty pearly swallow bracelet. 

Mesh knot earrings - £2.50

Swallow pearl bracelet - ON SALE £2.70

What do you think of this trend, will you be wearing it this summer? 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter holiday full of :) and loads of chocolate eggs! xxxxxxxxxx

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Unknown said...

Handstamped Jewellery love tremendous. It is a perfect gift to give some one.