Monday 23 April 2012

Vintage Pretties :)

I love anything and everything vintage <3 so when it came to stocking it, oversized 80s earrings and beaded necklaces were a no brainer ;) These pretty bits have had quite a journey as everything has been sourced from America.

Gold plated - I just love these, very 80s/90s! These statement making beauties below vary from 2cm to 3cm.

From £2.00

 Nautical - These blue coloured darlings vary from pastel blue, sea-green to navy. I believe they're are from the 70s/80s. My favourites are the lovely marble effect studs.

From £1.50

Plastic Fantastic - Lastly these plastic beaded necklaces come in various lengths and some with gradual effects.

From £2.00

They will be on the website soon! What do you think of them? :) xxxxxxxx


DEMI said...

like your blog dear,
keep posting and go for it!!!


Sil :) said...

Ahh thanks sweetie :) xxxxxx

Viki. said...
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Viki. said...

Love those earrings!! Gorgeous!x

Rania Kelesidou said...

They are really pretty, vintage jewelry are always so unique!

Sil :) said...

Thanks! Yeah, I love that :) xxxxxx

Unknown said...

I love the earrings! They are so beautiful!<3
And yes i'm an accessory junkie;p would you like a mutual following?

Sil :) said...

Hehe I can't tell ;) you have a lovely blog, I love the lookbook video :) xxxxxx

Vegan Cookbooks said...

This was lovely to reead